A B O U T .

I grew up in and near San Francisco, California, and still see hillside sea-scapes when I close my eyes. At 19 I moved to Vancouver to attend UBC, where I studied linguistics and anthropology. During that time I met my now-husband, who told me tales of Saskatchewan, his home. I'd never heard of it. I spent eight years in Vancouver, teaching English and becoming a sort of real adult, and now consider myself pretty much Canadian-American.

I returned briefly to California, where I had the opportunity to learn tapestry weaving from Tricia Goldberg in her Berkeley studio. I had been dabbling in weaving for about a year, but it was Tricia's course that opened my eyes to the world of tapestry, and gave me the skills and vocabulary to begin my weaving journey.

In 2017 we moved to the "Paris of the Prairies," with cheaper houses, easy commutes, and sub-zero winters. Since moving here, my weaving practice has allowed me to meet other makers, keep busy during the winter, and foster a sense of self, groundedness, and passion, in a city where I sometimes feel very far from home. 

My work uses mostly traditional tapestry techniques, with some shortcuts and a lot of rug-weaving influence. I am drawn to powerful geometric shapes and am inspired by many painters, print-makers, ceramicists, architects, and fiber artists.

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