B L O G .

My lightbulb moments

Thought it might be nice to have more than one post in this here blog. May or may not also be procrastinating right now. I thought I would share some of my a-ha moments in my weaving.......... journey. So cliche but what else to call it?

-When I got an actual wooden lap loom, instead of a piece of cardboard, and used cotton string instead of some wool-blend yarn for warp, and discovered I did have a chance at a structurally-decent piece.

-When I found out meet and separate/slits was a thing, and that I didn't have to interlock at every weft relay. Haven't looked back. (But I do want to try triple dovetail and re-try double weft interlock).

-When I read the Mirrix blog article about the differences between fabric and tapestry weaving.

-When, during my second or third class with Tricia, I picked up a book from her shelf, and saw the things she had been teaching me echoed there (at a higher level that I could almost understand), and I realized there WERE resources out there for the kind of weaving I wanted to learn. I just hadn't had the vocabulary to find them.

-When I read a weaver's bio on some corner of the web that mentioned "using tapestry techniques on a floor loom." Somehow helped make some connections and understand that it's all warp and weft, just manipulated differently.

-When, probably after being shown five different times, I finally started to understand using passes and half passes to correct my sheds. Thank you Tricia for your patience. 

-Most recently, when I finally understood the whole "turn on the down warp" thing. Shouts to Sarah Swett for that one; whose article I will have to reference again when I next try to implement the technique.

Eccentric weft. SPLIT WEFT. Half hitches. I guess the whole learning process is just a series of various degrees of a-ha moments. May I continue to have them as my... weaving story continues.